Iori Branford


The fantasy bullet battle to end monstergirl genocide! Turn hateful humans into lovable demons in this 90s arcade style shooter, inspired by Raiden Fighters, Strikers 1945, and Battle Garegga.

The exiled princess Amelia has turned into a succubus and joined the peaceful monstergirl tribe. Then invaders arrive led by her sister Angelina. Fighting back with her newfound powers of hypnosis and demonization she departs to take on the kingdom in a desperate bid to save her new people.

  • Seven challenging hand-crafted levels packed with beautiful pixel art - defend your forest, fight through towns, break monstergirls out of dungeons, race against cavalry and more

  • Battle fearsome enemy forces - masses of infantry and artillery, nimble swordsmen and assassins, tricky spellcasters and mighty magical constructs

  • Capture their souls - transform them into fellow demons and watch their powers grow with yours

  • Simple game systems reward natural and intuitive play - stay alive, shoot and bomb, and the rest will follow

  • Three difficulty levels - beginners, enthusiasts, and experts can all enjoy

  • Rock out to a gritty, stompy YM2612 FM synth soundtrack

  • Rich retro visual customization - portrait or landscape, low or high res, smooth or sharp pixels, stretch or no stretch

  • A twist on the old monster-slaying story - includes free digital comic book revealing events before the game

  • Genre: arcade shooter

  • Players: 1

  • Released: Oct 30, 2020

  • For: windows, mac, linux, android, raspberry pi, LÖVE

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  • DRM-free

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  • For windows, linux, mac, android, raspberry pi, LÖVE

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“it hit me with nostalgia in a way that a lot of these...'nostalgic' games just don't do for me”
"I was very torn between who was going to #2 or #3...the tiebreaker was going in and seeing all the changes that the developer made [post-release]"
Mark @ The Electric Underground

"I try to focus mainly on console games, but...I have made an exception in this case and now it's my most played game on Steam in the past several years."
Jason @ I Do Games

“everything is measured to the millimeter so that the experience is as satisfactory as possible....Iori Branford has graduated with a superb degree, unashamed, profound, intelligent, full of justice and feeling.”
Santiago @ Isla de Monos

"I have played 3GB indies that had less options.... In Demonizer the enemies...sneak back behind the trees and stuff... really a 16MB game! Who knew?"
Cole @ The SML Podcast

“very entertaining STG for new players to the genre...does a really good job accompanying with a simple tutorial, easy mechanics and makes it very quick to practice any level you want.”
HenryHey @ Bit Game Reviews

Artistic statement

Demonizer is my most personally meaningful work. Bringing together all that I love and believe in - exhilarating gameplay, charming fantasy characters, the ideal of peace and justice for all - Demonizer indulges a fantasy of changing hateful hearts and minds, and presents an ode to the outcast and oppressed youth fighting the cruelty and injustice of the old world.

Bonus materials

Comic book

The story behind the misfit princess Amelia and her transformation into the game’s demonic hero.

16 pages and cover beautifully rendered by professional webcomic artist Cleo-san.


Key Visuals

For store capsules, press, physical covers (someday), etc.

Latest key visual
by Brandon Fraser

First key visual and comic book cover
by Cleo-san


Various pieces of Amelia and friends commissioned during development, showing bits of the world she is fighting to protect or just letting her meet other original characters. I enjoy the diversity of styles and interpretations.

Forest walk with Lucyferum
by Lucyferum

Rainy day
by Shika_ichi

Good morning
by MystiriEX

Turning Michiko
by Ciw

Turning Bun
by GhostlyBun

With fisher werecat Alyra
by Wynnie9963

Nap with Alyra
by satan the raccoon

With demon mom
by manicfolklore

Hang out with Thereza
by BehellithS

Picnic with gargoyle Petra
by Bea-chan

Try Jenny's nectar
by Vicktorian

Meet flowerized Farmer
by Artlisanch

Feed the ducks
by Bea-chan

Night flight
by tipsypaipai

With piranha-maid Ana
by nigamiart